Free online tools for pics and video

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Free online tools for pics and video

Post by crewcabconnection »

A few free online tools (Web2.0) to make your posts grooovy.

Both of these have FREE Photo hosting. You simply get a free account and upload your photos. Each photo has an address, which you can copy and paste into your forum post.

1. press the light grey button - called Img, then paste in your photo address, then press Img again.

2. You won't see your image yet, but will see [ i m g ] [/ i m g]

3. That is all you need to do to add a photo. or

DSK Photo Pool of Flickr.

Flickr is free photo hosting - and this is a group for DSK images - you can then use these on FaceBook etc., you don't need to upload to it, just 'send' you photos to the 'group'. It's pretty easy to figure out. Just remember to 'tag' images as 'dsk' in Flickr - makes life easier.
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Post by drummerguy »

hI found that is a great online photo editor, and you don't need to sign up!!
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Post by T-34 »

We also offer free photo and video hosting for air-cooled related stuff over at

To get the 'photo address' to use with crewcabconnection's instructions above, simply copy the text in the box marked 'Photo Url' after you have posted your photo.
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Post by benny b »

dude been havin heaps of trouble. i tryd this but check out "flix 55" in members rides and projects and thats what i get..... :x
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